Virtual Wolf World


1. No rudeness, no mean sarcasm, no name calling and no putting others down.

2. No stealing/using others art, ask first if you can use it and credit the person who let you use it. (if they say yes)

3. No drama! No drama! No drama!

4. No mirroring or copying characters.

5. No spamming posts or chatbox.

6. No random topics.

7. You can be a wolf or canine, winged wolves, werewolves magic wolves, regular wolves etc. This website is aimed towards wolves, foxes, dogs, etc.

8. You cannot have any photos on your signature, nor profile. Only because we need to save our bandwith.

Violating any of these rules will result in a warning then if repeated a ban. If it is more severe like stealing art or spamming up topics / chatbox by posting letters or numbers twenty times this will be a immediate ban


+ Added an 'Other' section in the Roleplay area.

- Removed the 'Hunt' Area in the Roleplay area

- 'Of The Month' has been removed until the start of next year, it will be included in the blog area for easier access & records so you can go back and look at past months results.