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RP Thoughts: Shall the sun ever truely shine in the water or shall it shine in the sky. Shall the moon ever truely shine in the sun or shall it shine in the dark. Shall there be day or shall there be night.-You never truely know-By me. I trualy believe this question that I made.

Favorite Songs: 10,000 Reasons, I Am Free, Mighty To Save.

 Profile Picture: I made my profile pictures! I just hate it when people use copyrighted from google because it is copyrighted even if you draw what is on google! It is bad enough to do that and then you use the picture for your own personal use!!!!

Fur Color: Black

Pack I am in: IceHeart's Pack

Right Now: You touch me, I slap you. Ok?    

Pups: None

Pups Claimed: None

Mate: Oh My Gosh leave this profile like if you read the mate one you misewell look at my mate topic.

Eye Color: If I am happy then you are lucky so blue. If I am mad you miswell not talk to me so pink. If I am sad then you should prolly take a paw back so grey. Finally, if I am ready to leave this game then it would be.... red.                                                                     

Started Playing: November 14, 2012

Status: Lone Wolf. Phsychich

Emotion: :)

Pattern on fur: White stripe on both sides of face and V shaped white mark on front right leg. 

My Powers: move items with my eyes, turn things to water or ice, fly, have a special weapon, teleport through lightning,  fly *with or without wings*, howl travel accross earth, control weather, and kill things with my eyes immediently, oh and strength of 10,000,000 wolf packs. Ps if you can't count to a number then don't post that number on your account :D                                                                                                                            



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Reply Blue Heart
1:42 AM on January 19, 2013 
Soooo bored
Reply Swiftpaw
4:51 PM on January 17, 2013 
thats nice
Reply Blue Heart
8:45 PM on December 19, 2012 
Thank you silent :) you are the BEST!!!!!!!!!
Reply silent101
8:14 PM on December 19, 2012 
is crying while thinking about what blueheart said
Reply silent101
8:10 PM on December 19, 2012 
that hurts blueheart about not caring about what people say
Reply Blue Heart
3:32 PM on December 16, 2012 
Sure I guess that I will get on Eclipse
Reply Blaze
1:18 AM on December 16, 2012 
Reply Blue Heart
1:13 AM on December 16, 2012 
Lol hi
Reply Blaze
12:51 AM on December 16, 2012 
Reply Blue Heart
9:44 PM on December 15, 2012 
Hmf, bored to death right now and to top that feel like I am going to fall asleep like in a second.....
Reply Blue Heart
7:22 PM on December 14, 2012 
Reply silent101
5:05 PM on December 14, 2012 
Reply Blue Heart
10:28 PM on December 13, 2012 
Lolz, sooooooooooo bored!!!!!!
Reply Blaze
10:40 PM on December 12, 2012 
Reply Blue Heart
5:29 PM on December 12, 2012 
Lol Midnight it is suppost to be freezing bloodstream lol.
Reply raven
7:32 PM on December 8, 2012 
Reply IceHeart
9:21 AM on December 5, 2012 
Ok, use Crystal's pack
Reply IceHeart
8:56 AM on November 27, 2012 
Hey, want to be in my pack?
Reply Midnight
9:20 AM on November 25, 2012 
O.O if you kill things imediatly, OMG YOUR MEDUSA! DONT LOOK !! _