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Hello, I'm Cherry. A light brown she-wolf with black and reddish markings, white paws and cherry red eyes. I prefer to walk the mountains rather than the... deserts or such. The prey is better and I like heights. Well, such an odd thing about me, but it's me and I would like no questions. I stick to my pack, never will I abandon it unless of emergency or extremely good reason. I am quite a hunter, but my real talent is running! I can run silent, I can run faster than any other wolf! I suppose I was exaggerating though... There's always a better wolf out there. Well hey, maybe I am that better wolf! I can get so competetive when it comes to racing.



"Look at them" "Aren't they beautiful" "More beautiful than anything I've ever seen" "mm" "Rose" "River" "Cherry" "How about the last one?" "Hmm" "Blossom?" "Blossom" Cherry felt a paw in her face. A sharp squeal escaped her. "Look at them" "They are beautiful." "This is the most amazing day of my life. Oh.. I'm sorry Mint, I have been called for a hunting party. I will be back soon with food" Cherry listened to the conversation, not quite understanding everything they meant, but understanding enough to tell that there was more than one wolf here. She wriggled around in the nest of moss until she felt comfortable. Then she closed her eyes and let sleep come to her... slowly.. . . .

"Cherry" "Cherry" "Cherry, wake up honey" Cherry heard Mint whispering her name. "Cherry" "Cherry" Cherry had no clue what she must do. "Cherry, wake up" Wake up. Cherry wa already awake, but she was still, as if she were asleep. "It's time for your lunch, wake up!" Mint said, a bit louder this time. Cherry moved her paws and tail, showing she was awake. "Ha, Cherry can't walk!" A different voice spoke this time. "Blossom!" Mint growled, but not an aggresive growl as if she were to attack the teasing pup. Cherry wiggled her tiny body until she was laying on her belly, but her legs seemed too weak to move and she could not get up. "It's alright Cherry I can help you" Mint said with a hint of worry in her voice. "You pups go play while I feed Cherry" said Mint to the other three pups who were standing impatiently near the entrance of the den. They happily dashed outside to begin their play, while Cherry strugged to move an inch. "Cherry, it's all right. You'll be okay. There is always a pup who has trouble walking" Mint tried to reassure her pup.

. . .

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