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It is hidden... for now.
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I'm sorry to say that I may stop RPing here due to personal reasons that I have concluded to my closest friends on here (yes, you two >.<) I just don't have the time anymore.

Name: Isis

Gender: Female:

Pack: Sky Hearts

Family: Both parents were murdered by another pack. Fang is her long lost brother.

Mate: None

History: Isis' parents were murdered, and at the age of 7 months she had to live by herself. Through recent events, she had met two wolves, and together they formed a pack.

Personality: Isis seems to be a cold, shy and out of reach wolf, but this is for self defense due to her past. When she warms up to you, she's actually a fun wolf to be around with. She would protect those she cares about with sacrificing her life. She's usually the first one that pushes on, and never backs down, even if it means killing herself.



Name: Acacia

Age: 2

Gender: Female

Pack: None, she is a loner

Family: They're alive, but she left the pack due to her history.

Mate: None

Personality: Acacia is a closed off and silent wolf, although sarcasm does rise often. When she isn't being sarcastic, she enjoys being by herself, away from others because of her past. She doesn't easily warm up to others, and in moment situations will most probably speak her mind.

History: Will be revealed if someone is close enough to her.


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Reply ❦βяεεzεя❦
1:31 PM on July 8, 2013 
Reply ❦βяεεzεя❦
1:00 PM on July 8, 2013 
looked on all of starwolfs sites that she goes on she hasn`t posted on any of them in less than 2 months!.
Reply ❦βяεεzεя❦
10:56 AM on July 8, 2013 
Reply ❦βяεεzεя❦
4:30 PM on July 7, 2013 
Me either.
Reply ❦βяεεzεя❦
4:24 PM on July 7, 2013 
ok then it will be like 1 in the morning for me then huh? I guess see you later?
Reply ❦βяεεzεя❦
4:19 PM on July 7, 2013 
we arent really updated I havent been on for months. neither has she. because some people dont like using paragraphs or anything long. :P
They kept nagging us about it. I made a happy medium not to long and not to short.
Reply ❦βяεεzεя❦
4:13 PM on July 7, 2013 
Reply ❦βяεεzεя❦
4:03 PM on July 7, 2013 
Reply ❦βяεεzεя❦
4:00 PM on July 7, 2013 
dont feel guilty!!! its the computers fault blame it!
Reply ❦βяεεzεя❦
3:56 PM on July 7, 2013 
LOL I started getting active just this morning all we need is starwolf to get on and we could call this day 'the revival"
Reply Isis
3:21 PM on July 7, 2013 
I have been gone forever, to summarize it short (because I gave the short lengthy one to my two friends on here) My laptop exploded (don't ask why, it's embarrassing) and I couldn't get another one (personal reasons) so I went without internet for 8/9 months (defiantly more) I got a laptop a couple of months ago, and have been searching the web for this site. I thank my lucky stars for an email which I received, other wise I'd probably be gone forever. *cries in a dark emo corner*
Please don't hate me
I also cannot believe my writing skills. It was this awful back then? God, I've improved over a year.
Reply starwolf
9:02 PM on July 7, 2012 
WHERE ARE YOU!?IMISS YOU LIKE CRAZY!!!! I know your proboly gone for good but I hope you come back.
Reply starwolf
7:56 PM on April 30, 2012 
I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply starwolf
7:11 PM on April 10, 2012 
Happy (late) Easter!
Reply starwolf
10:43 AM on April 7, 2012 
Reply starwolf
8:49 AM on April 7, 2012 
Can you tell me what times your usaully on the website because i'm always too late.
Reply starwolf
5:25 PM on April 4, 2012 
Hey Isis!
Reply Isis
3:42 AM on April 3, 2012 
Feel free to post a comment, if its a question or a random statement, I wouldnt mind answering back. :D