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About Me

Mom: gem paw 

Dad: Lighting 

( guess how i got my name lol :P)

Lights gem died in the battle of shadowland (actual rp on here). Light'sGem Is now a queen of the 3rd death world, Kingdom of the wild. (It is a place for animal souls that died with a light heart). Light has a child named Adorabella, and does everything to keep her safe, and saying that is already saying to much...

Name : Adorabella 

Age : Teen 

Parents : lights gem and ?  lights gem had to give her to fang and satrzar in the sake of getting her hurt becuase scar the ruler of the evil souls is in warw ith her secertly  

About her : Bella (her nickname) was raised in a safe room for her childhood, Being that starzar and fang didnt want anything to happen to the offspring of Lightsgem. Now she can roam aorund being she has some sense of defense, although she often gets lost xD. Adorabella has unatural healing powers (Only work on others), and her marks glow like the body of her mother, to wards away darkness.

Ice ( Real Name : Aneria ( means :snow )

Age: pup

Parents :  Bulebell and serco two ice wolves that where forced two kick her out of the pack

About her : she is kind ikes to talk and has powers to talk through wolves and humans in mind and she is a ice elementists maing she all the paowers of the clod but she is most strong with ice also she can frezze poeple, animals, and time she also can transform into a ice figure  she likes the cold very much and she has these marks on her head that sprakle all the ime and glow when she uses her powers

she looks like :,r:22,s:28,i:245


Age: Teen

Prents/Famliy: they all died hes seen a lot of damage in his days them all died in a night ire and he was on a hunting trip for the family and he went back nd found their buned bodies

About him : all the damage inside him has kinda made him believe in the dark ness but hes not mea or anything hes jut has a rough life he funny and he olny ma if you make him mad like agrovate him he his a the power to make whatever he says ture in your mind and he is a shape shiter ( his mom was what they cal a  thruthbetold its a nickname for the people with her powers ice is one ! and his father was a shapeshifter )

he looks like this :,r:9,s:107,i:157&tx=72&ty=94

Name : Toro

Family : left them in they pack wich he ws born into he just wanted to be free and not floow the pack rules

Age : Late teens 

Gender : Male 

About him : he left his apck for reason  he doesnt like to talk about there pack was evil and meancing awlays killing other wolves he coudlnt take it and her an now is familyand pack is awlays sreaching for him ( < has to do with his theme song -) he is genreally kind

Theme song for Kirean :

Theme song for Ice :

Theme song for lights gem :

Theme song for Adorabella :

( imagine when hering this song light tell ing adorabella she ok its descobe her becuase she is safe and sound know locked away  hidden form scar )

Theme song for Toro :

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Reply Shadow
8:21 PM on April 11, 2014 
This content has been removed due to abuse.
Reply Abella Riddle (Ghost)
4:15 PM on December 29, 2013 
I'm still here...Its been awhile Kirean...Abella needs you.
Reply ❦βяεεzεя❦
6:45 PM on September 28, 2013 
Reply light'sGem
8:17 PM on August 2, 2013 
Oh, i Just started a topic, perhaps you can join that! Its: The Struggle To Survive
Reply Belle
4:38 PM on August 1, 2013 
Aww and should I make us a topic
Reply light'sGem
10:50 PM on July 31, 2013 
Aw, Thanks for the welcome. ^_^ This is why i love this site, everyone here is like a family. We have our fights, But what good would a family be if it didn't go through hard times?
Reply Belle
3:06 PM on July 28, 2013 
Welcome back everyone( lights gem and starzar and fang)
Reply light'sGem
3:42 PM on December 17, 2012 
Reply Lexi
4:29 PM on December 10, 2012 
HEY HEY...Welcome Back Starzar
Reply Midnight
7:26 AM on December 10, 2012 
*whispers* ''pst, starzar, dont look the wolves here directly in the eye, they can see into your soul!!! and dont be scared, they can smell your fear!.......Im just kidding! but hey, WELCOME BACK!! :lol:
Reply starwolf
11:43 AM on December 9, 2012 
Hello. I AM BACK!!!! :D I missed you guys!
Reply Toboe
4:52 AM on November 24, 2012 
THIS. IS. SPARTA      *Kicks wolf real hard.* Wolf: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
Reply Wolf_Lover
4:42 PM on November 20, 2012 
wanna rp on moose injures pup?
Reply Blaze
6:46 PM on November 19, 2012 
Reply Toboe
8:15 PM on November 15, 2012 
IDK. I was bored.
Reply Toboe
1:46 AM on November 15, 2012 
Reply TinyPaw
2:52 PM on November 2, 2012 
awsome i hyper
Reply Midnight
2:47 PM on November 1, 2012 
Reply Emerald
12:57 AM on October 29, 2012 
Wow luv the profile pic
Reply The Ice Princess
5:22 PM on September 27, 2012 
Hey :) hows school? U like ur new school? We miss u back @ stf!