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I am a black female wolf that used to be human.My name is Elisabeth Dragonfire.I am a strong healthy wolf and knows nothing more than hate and betrail.


   I was told not to go out at night for i lived in a little cottage next to the woods.

I made friends with wolves who seemed nice but I went out at dark and I heard howles of pain from my friends and I ran into the woods and found them dead and other wolves were near they growled and sneard at me and thought i had killed them and a old wolf came up and spoke ancient words holding up a crystal and the last words he said was"We shall take your soul and replace it with a wolf soul and you shall be cursed to be a wolf for you have taken lives from our pack" I was transformeded into a wolf and I ran to the cottage and saw it was older than it was and I saw my family was no longer there and I walked off back into the woods hoping this was a  dream and one day I would be human again.

   You dont know what you have untill you have lost it.

 My heart is still strong and pure but my body is weak and sad.

 I wont give up yet for my troubles have just begun.

 I have learned from my past if you mess with one wolf you mess with the whole pack.

 Nothing is forgiving not even your friends.

 Name: Elisabeth Dragonfire


Age:2 Years


I whimper at night in sorrow and hope to find my family and once more be in their arms,safty and feel their love once more

 (her pic is my profile pic.)

I am Elita, they say I am ' The Chosen one' who are 'they' you ask? My family... at least I thought they were, untill I met a strange shiny wolf named Ceil, said to be the Guardian of Artemis(Goddess of moon and hunt) and Athena(The goddess of wisdom). Ceil said I was related to both some how, he was sent by Lupercus (god of wolves) and Janus(the god of passage). I was deeply shocked so I ran to tell who I thought was my family... but they were the ones said to be keeping me from my destiny. They tried trapping me, but I ran away as far as my small paws could carry me. As a teen I was troubled and upset, I wanted to be a normal wolf not a god... or demi-god for I don`t know who my father is. I try to blend in, but Ceil said I was showing signs that I would obtain my special markings and with those markings.. Power. I didn`t know what he was talking about so I darted off trying to get away, I was young and had an unstable family. I didn`t know who my mother was or who my father was all I knew was that I was related to some gods that I didn`t know really existed... for all I knew Ceil could be pulling a big prank on me... but that is highly doubted. 

I am Elita, I have black fur golden fur in my ears, top of my head and underbelly White furon my haunches and tips of my paws.I don`t have a mate or a lover, I am starting to doubt if that will ever happen. I am a loner, I am affraid someone will find out who I am and keep me captive. My powers... still unknown and I am affraid when I get them and can`t controll them someone will get hurt. My greatest worrie is that I will find my parents, they won`t want me or try to change me. Why else would they have abandoned me? 

Name: Elita

Gender: Female

Age: About a year and a half

Home: I am searching, but can`t escape my destiny

          Will anyone ever like me for who I am? Can I trust anyone?

Desoto is on that page 

Desoto, I am a respected wolf who fights along humans in war. I am loyal to the humans I serve. I am not the most social wolf in the world and not many know I am a wolf, but no one can say I don`t got bite. I am known for getting into fights with other dogs, hey some dogs just don`t belong. I wouldn`t say I am top dog, but I do keep order in the camps. New comers don`t know what they are in for when they first meet me, the others warn them not to mess with me. Like always when someone says not to do something guess what you have the sudden urge to do it. 

  I am Desoto

Gender: Male

Age: 2 years

Mate: None 

Leave me alone and you`ll be just fine. 



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Reply ❦βяεεzεя❦
6:10 PM on October 30, 2014 
HEY! Miss ya!
Reply Abella Riddle (Ghost)
3:57 PM on December 9, 2012 
Invation: Dear Elisabeth Dragonfire,
Abella's and Kirean's funeral is soon and we ask you to be there.
-Your Friend, Abella Riddle
Reply TinyPaw
3:25 PM on November 8, 2012 
omg so cool
Reply Abella Riddle (Ghost)
7:06 AM on July 19, 2012 
" Your just like.... almost.... like me."